Stranger Things 2 & New Beginnings

During these first few days of November I’ve been thinking a lot about things being renewed and refreshed. Though it’s nearing the end of the year and all the leaves are falling, there is always a chance for something to spark and cause change.

A few days ago I had the chance to get together with a group of friends to watch the last five episodes of Stranger Things 2. Not only is watching shows with friends one of my favorite things to do, but this second season blew my mind. It expanded on each character’s struggles from last season and developed their personalities and relationships. The writers gave us new dynamics, and while I’m a fan of most of them, my favorite was Hopper and Eleven.

You can’t help but hope that it works out when a man whose daughter was taken from him way too soon meets up with a girl who has never known parents. I love that each of these characters feel so real and come with their own overwhelming strengths (which occasionally get in the way of relating) but that they also have a need for one another. Hopper may have taken in Eleven because he knew she was special or because of his own loss. Eleven may have stayed with Hopper (most of the time) because it was convenient and relatively safe. Whatever the reason, I doubt either of them suspected that they would end up loving each other.

So if Hopper can show such humility and Eleven can come into her own and learn what a father really is, all while battling monsters from The Upside Down, I think I can manage to find inspiration for change in my (hopefully) less hectic life.

6 thoughts on “Stranger Things 2 & New Beginnings”

  1. Totally agree on the second season. I’d read beforehand that it wasn’t really good, but I don’t really believe reviews as I want to form my own opinions, and then the season totally blew me away.

  2. Stranger Things 2 absolutely blew my mind! I mean… can we talk about Steve being a distressed mum looking after a hoard of children? Such a sweet guy. I agree with everything you said about Hopper and Eleven (have you read the theories about Hopper’s daughter? insane!)! It seemed like an entire new show even though everything was so familiar! S. x

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