My Favorite Time of Year

Autumn in Oregon is probably my favorite time of year. Specifically from the very start of November through Christmas. Not only does it get chilly and grey outside, but there is the constant hope of rain, and with the change in weather come all of the cozy things to wear, eat, drink, and watch. I’ve put together a little list of some of those things that I’m particularly grateful for during the cold months!

Changing leaves & rain – I thrive, unlike a lot of people, on the cold, grey, gloomy sort of weather that requires warm clothes, scarves, and boots. It makes me feel the most cosy and gives me the opportunity to do indoor activities like the ones on this list. The rain provides a sort of blanket that makes me feel settled and content.


A cup of tea & a movie – (or a show). I have quite the collection of mugs (the requirements of which I’ll save for a post of its own) to hold my favorite tea and coffee. I love to curl up on the couch and watch something good. Recently there has been a lot of Stranger Things, Madam Secretary, and Return to Me (multiple times).


Blankets & Christmas planning – Another thing I’ve been acquiring over the last few years is a collection of blankets; the bigger the better, in my opinion. I need a good blanket in order to watch a movie or read a book, and recently I’ve loved sitting down and planning for Christmas: how I’m going to transform my room, what I’m going to get for my favorite people, and curating a perfectly festive Christmas list.


I’d love to know what you’ve been enjoying recently or what you’re looking forward to! Let me know down below. xx

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Time of Year”

  1. I feel the same about the cold weather! Fall is without a doubt my favorite season. I love being outside when it rains, actually. My dog, who has previously not been a fan, is turning into a fan, too, now 😀 And yes to the blankets! I have several, too. I have one with Mulder and Scully and these two always keep me warm when I’m working at my desk. The only thing I don’t like this year, and I kinda blame the weather for it, is that I’m sick for the second time in a month. The weather is simply perfect for viruses to spread. But apart from that: give me all the grey, cold and rainy weather!

    1. Aww that’s precious that your dog is starting to like the rain! What’s its name?? Oh my gosh I have a Mulder and Scully blanket too! I love it. <3 Oh I'm sorry you're sick! That's no fun at all.

      1. I think it’s more acceptance than genuine like, to be honest. He doesn’t really like being out when it’s dark either. He’s just weird 😀 His name is Billy. I just wish that Mulder & Scully blanket was bigger. I have the one they sold at the FOX shop? And it’s so tiny. But still better than no blanket with them on it.

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