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On the Rooftops of London

People always ask, “Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?” My answer has always been: England. So many of the best things have come out of England; from films to tv, books, actors and actresses. I finally got to go to England two years (and three days) ago, and it was everything I hoped it would be.

I remember flying in and looking down to see the Thames and Tower Bridge through the clouds. My sister, mom, and I made our way to our lovely hotel right off Gloucester St. For aΒ couple of days we milled around London – I took the first chance I got to go to Boots, find a telephone box, and walk around Hyde Park. We even sang a little opera at Royal Albert Hall. And how could we not drop by to see the Queen?

Some other highlights from those first fews days were getting to explore the Tower of London with our tour guide, Barney, and seeing the Crown Jewels – it’s hard to believe how magnificent they are even when they’re right in front of you. And seeing where people lived (and died) and worshiped in the actual tower was an excellent experience that I’d recommend to anyone visiting.


One of the moments I remember so clearly is coming above ground from the Underground and catching my first glimpse of Big Ben – I may have gotten a little misty. While in the area we took a walk through Westminster Abbey which happens to be absolutely incredible and a place where one could spend hours upon hours and never fully appreciate it. Oh, and I couldn’t help but sing “Feed the Birds” when we walked by St. Paul’s.

On our way out of London, to Edinburgh, we took the train out of King’s Cross and you’d be wrong if you think I didn’t find Platform 9 3/4.Β They had a scarf to wear, but thanks to a friend of mine I already had one in my possession that was perfect.

When we came back from Scotland (a country which will get its own blog post) we stopped in York, where we toured York Minster and had afternoon tea with all the trimmings. Next we stopped in Liverpool to see Michael McIntyre who had us falling out of our chairs. Lyme Park (or Pemberly for the Pride & Prejudice fans like myself) was next on my list and a personal favorite. 100 points for you if you can name the part of the movie the photo below comes from.

York Minster
Lyme Park

We finished our trip by going to Oxford and then coming back to London for our final night. England was as good as it could have possibly been and I can’t wait to go back. I look forward to all the Costa coffee I can drink and all the genuine English tea with shortbread biscuits and pasties and toasties (oh my).


Talk to you soon! xx


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