5 Albums I’m Loving Right Now

Hey, friends! I thought I’d take a minute to tell you about the music I’ve been loving the most (see also: playing non-stop) recently. I love music of almost every kind so I go through a lot of different phases of what I listen to. I hope you enjoy this list and let me know what you think!

1. Younger Now by Miley Cyrus – I have to admit that Miley has won me back slightly with this new album. “Younger Now” and “Malibu” are songs that have absolutely been added to my playlist and they’re fun to sing along to. The whole album is a really good balance between pop and singer/songwriter with a little country thrown in here and there.

2. Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato – This is obviously only one song from her most recent album, but I listen to it enough times in a row to make up an entire album, so I’m including it! This is just a crazy good song to turn up as loud as you can in your car and belt out. (Please tell me I’m not alone in this)! Some other personal highlights from this album are “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” and “Concentrate.” 








3. Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits – Recently I went to a Billy Joel concert with my mom and it was so incredible! His voice sounds amazing, he played so many classics, and it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to! Ever since, I’ve been listening through his songs. Some of my favorites are “And So It Goes”, “Piano Man”, “An Innocent Man”, and “She’s Always A Woman”.

4. Divide by Ed Sheeran – I’ve been listening to this album basically since it came out. It’s really just a great one to listen to when I want to relax, and it’s a nice mix of happy/fun and sad, just like Ed Sheeran always delivers. “Perfect” is probably my favorite, but I also really love “Castle on the Hill”, “Nancy Mulligan” and “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here”.

5. The Greatest Showman – Well what do I even say about this? It is one of the most incredible soundtracks to a movie and it can go on repeat for the next six months and I’ll be happy. Every song is amazing, from the quiet and sweet ones, to the showstoppers. It deserves to be listened to, absorbed, learned, and sung out loud. Also, if you haven’t seen this video of the rehearsal of “From Now On” it is so worth your time!

Bonus: Fantasmic! – This isn’t so much an album as it is a phenomenon. If you’ve ever been to Disneyland or World, hopefully you’ve seen Fantasmic, with Mickey Mouse battling the Disney villains in a music-filled journey that will leave you feeling magical and inspired. It is one of my VERY favorite things about Disneyland and I make sure to see it whenever I go. If you need a little magic in your life, you can listen to one version of the show here (it starts at 23:50).

That’s it for now, but I’d love to hear what your favorites are as well, so let me know in the comments! xx

2 thoughts on “5 Albums I’m Loving Right Now”

  1. What a rad list Sarah! I’ve heard so many people gush about how great “The Greatest Showman” movie is, and the soundtrack just sounds wonderful. I also really need to listen to Demi Lovato’s new tracks as well, so thanks for the suggestion! When it comes to albums for me, lately I’ve been jamming to SZA’s album “Ctrl”. It’s so chill, calm, and heartbreaking.

    1. Aww thank you so much!! And for your lovely comment as well. <3 Oh I've heard a lot about SZA's album but I need to give it a listen still! Sounds like my kinda vibe! 🙂

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