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Welcome back! I hope you’ve all been having a fantastic week. As a little side note before I get into showing you around London, I just wanted to say that if you’d like to interact on a more daily basis and get to know me better, head on over to my Instagram where I post on stories every day. 🙂

So, if you’ll recall where we left off last week, we were still in Brighton, full of great food and Costa coffee. After a few great days there, we set off toward London, by way of Swindon to visit a lovely friend and have lunch at a pub called The Village Inn (would highly recommend). On the way we drove by Stonehenge, which is easily visible from the road!

We abandoned our car (aka we returned it to its rightful place) and hopped on the train to London, where we stayed at The Grange Strathmore Hotel, just off of Gloucester road. We’ve stayed here before, and I really think it’s lovely to have a familiar place to stay whenever you come back to the same city. We settled in for the night, and woke up the next morning ready to go explore. First we grabbed a coffee and then checked out a museum. I found a little cafe called Raison D’etre where I had the biggest hot chocolate with all the trimmings.

That night we went to see Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, which is the West End’s longest running show (it premiered in 1952). It plays in the St. Martin’s theatre and we sat way way way up high, looking down on the stage, but the play was so good and seeing it in an old theatre with the dark wood, gold accents, and heavy red curtains was such a cool experience that I would definitely recommend if you’re a theatre or mystery lover!

St. Paul’s Cathedral
The London Eye

The next day we walked all over the city, including down Sloane Street to look at all of the fancy shops. We also came down the Mall to Buckingham Palace to visit the Queen (happy belated birthday to her)! Just around the back of the grounds of the palace, beyond the gardens and barbed wire fence, is a cute little place called The English Rose Cafe and Tea Shop where we stopped in for afternoon tea (mark that down as cup 47) and it was excellent. The other major thing we did that day was go to Hamilton! I think it’s always cool to see a live performance of a show, so that was pretty awesome.

One thing that was kind of a surprise was deciding to do one of those open-top bus tours. Even though it might be the most touristy thing ever, it turned out to be one of my favorite things that we did. You get to sit and have amazing views as you’re driven around one of the best cities, all while being told stories of its history. It’s also an amazing opportunity to take photos.

Something that has stood out to me both times I’ve gone to London is the contrast between old and new, but also how seamlessly they flow together.
















London is, by far, one of my favorite places in the world and, despite not thinking of myself as a city person whatsoever, I would gladly go back over and over again. On this trip I drank all the tea and Costa coffee my heart desired, bought a new jumper that is my favorite, got caught in a proper British downpour, and saw all the sights. It was all I wanted it to be and left me with fresh ideas for next time I go back.

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a little virtual trip through England with me! Please come back soon for some good things I’ve got in the works, and have the very best day. xx



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  1. London and Brighton have been on my travel list for a while. It looks so gorgeous and I just love how Europe has such a cool mix of old and new architecture!

  2. I always go to London, so I forget to actually appreciate the city! To me it’s like my second home 🙂

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