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Hi friends! Since it has always been my intention to include more about t.v. and movies on here, I thought I’d start with what I just finished watching. It’s always a struggle, at least for me, to delve into the list of shows I’ve never watched over returning to the ones I already know and love.

This time I decided to revisit The Newsroom, created and written by Aaron Sorkin. It has three seasons and only twenty-five episodes. It chronicles a nightly news broadcast called News Night with Will McAvoy using real-world events to shape the narrative. As with all Sorkin shows, though, the stories are really told using characters whose hearts are always in the right place, who strive for truth, and whose relationships to one another make the show truly compelling. While there are about 1,000 different aspects of this show that I love, I can’t go into all of them, so here are a few of the highlights.

Every character is cast so very well. From Sam Waterston as Charlie Skinner, President of the news network to Olivia Munn as Sloane Sabbith, the awkward but fierce economist and financial reporter, Emily Mortimer as MacKenzie McHale, Executive Producer and former girlfriend of Jeff Daniels’ Will McAvoy, the flawed hero of the story and prime-time anchor of News Night. Other actors of note are Jane Fonda, Dev Patel, and a pre-Stranger Things David Harbour. Actors are always one of the most important things that really draw me to a show and help me get invested, and the way these people gel and play off each other is remarkable.

Along with stellar actors, the characters themselves are so complex and human. They are flawed for sure, but they care so much. When confronted with questions of morality and journalistic integrity, like giving up a source or choosing to report on one of the biggest stories of their careers without adequate information, each character brings such passion to the defense of their position, and always out of respect for what they believe is right.

I couldn’t let this post go by without mentioning the musical talent that is Jeff Daniels. I had no idea before The Newsroom that Jeff Daniels could sing, but after seeing him singing and playing the guitar a couple of times throughout the run of the show, I went investigating. I found that he has several albums, writes and sings his own folksy songs, and has, actually, a very nice voice. I encourage you to check him out!

If a show sparks an interest in me, I see it as a gem. The Newsroom makes me want to know more about the process and history of the news, about journalism, and about the people who have been key players in that history. It elevates the news to something to be achieved and creates this ideal world of the news while also maintaining the messiness of life and relationships. I cannot encourage you enough to give it a try if you haven’t already, or maybe watch it again!

Let me know one of your favorite shows so I can add it to my list! I’m always looking for recommendations, so they are always welcome. 🙂

Until next time! xx

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