The Flawesome Award

Hi friends! I’m back this week with another blogging award, which means that another awesome blogger has tagged me to participate in answering some questions. This particular award is about embracing the flaws we have and recognizing how they can be turned into strengths, and I was nominated by the excellent Kylie – take a look at her blog! This award was created by Sophia Ismaa, who you can check out here. I think this is one of the most meaningful blogging awards that I’ve seen or been apart of, so I’m excited to be participating!


1. Link back to the creator.

2. Display the award.

3. List three flaws and turn them into strengths.

4. Tag 10 other people.


1. I can think too much about things, but I see the bigger picture. I can spend so much time thinking about things, from issues I’m having to how to deal with certain people, to questions I have about things in my life. I process almost exclusively internally, which sometimes leads to others not knowing what I’m thinking or my process in making decisions, and I’m sure that can be frustrating. While I could probably stand to talk more, I think all the time I spend processing things helps me see the big picture in situations and keep track of what matters.

2. I want to do so many things that I have trouble starting on any of them. I find that I always have a list of about a thousand things I want to do: read an ever-growing list of books, watch all the new, good movies (and all the old ones), learn the piano, practice the guitar, write more, work out, and the list goes on. I get so caught up in all the things there are to do and get done and I’m overwhelmed with how I’ll probably never get to all of them. I guess the strength hidden here is that I really do want to accomplish a lot and I am forced to be intentional in the actions I eventually do take.

3. I lack confidence in others’ views of me, but I work hard as a result. This is something I’m constantly circling around, so if the idea isn’t super clear, it’s because I haven’t gotten it all figured out (what’s new? haha). It isn’t that I don’t have confidence in myself – I do. I know what I know and feel that I am pretty capable, but I often think that other people don’t see me that way. As a result I work hard, but the main thing is to not count those outside opinions as the most important thing. Whether people actually see me in the way I hope they do or not, what matters is that my worth doesn’t come from others, but from God.


My Nominees:

Melanie fromΒ Makeup is Delicious

Loniesha from The Pursuit of L

Allison from Living as Allison

Deandra from The Black Princess Diaries

Lynette from Life with Lynette


Thank you so much for reading this post! I did another blog award last week, and I love answering questions and being a little more personal (that’s the point, after all, isn’t it?) so go give that post a quick read as well. πŸ™‚

Until next time! xx


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7 thoughts on “The Flawesome Award”

  1. Hi Sarah! Congratulations on another award – well deserved! I have those same flaws and sometimes they keep me up at night! However, they are good flaws to have because we care <3

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