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Workout Motivation Tips

Hello there! Welcome to the week, if you’re reading this on a Monday – I hope you’re ready and excited to see what this week holds. I’ve got a little bit of a busy one, with work and friend dates and, of course, trying to get those workouts in. πŸ™‚ Which brings me to my topic today, which was requested by the lovely Chelsea over on Instagram! I always appreciate an idea from a friend and follower, so definitely feel free to tell me what you want to see.

I’ll be the first to say that I go in huge phases of working out and…just not. But, I do think that I’ve learned some tips and tricks for working out over my lifetime, and especially in the last few months. So, without further ado, here they are:

If you don’t like a certain exercise, change the dynamics.

For example, I have always wished that I was a runner, or at least that I enjoyed running, which has absolutely never been the case. I always tried to run for just a mile, or as long as I could, hoping that one of the times I did, I would magically like it. No dice. So I asked my uncle, an avid lifelong runner, what I should do to switch things up. He told me to start slow and measure my progress by time instead of distance (30 minutes total, 5 min. running then 1 min. walking x 5), and it has made a world of difference. I now run a few times a week, increasing the time that I run once I get used to the previous time breakdown. So, if you want to become a runner and it hasn’t been working for you, I highly encourage trying this method!

Find the right background sounds for you.

I was going to call this tip ‘find the right music for your workout’ but I realized that not everyone needs music to focus or motivate them. That is definitely what works for me, and I need upbeat songs on a playlist and (when I’m running on a treadmill) a show on in front of me. I’m constantly looking for new songs to add to my playlist so it stays fresh and interesting. Some other options are podcasts, sermons, audiobooks, OR the sounds of the world and the people around you if you want to go natural and organic. πŸ™‚ Really, it’s just about finding whatever sounds keep you going, motivated, and encouraged.

Get comfortable, tried and true workout clothes.

It might sound silly, but I think the clothes you wear can have a positive or negative impact on your workout. I don’t want to have to worry about tugging my shorts into place while I run, or be bothered by my shoes hurting my feet, or sweating through leggings that are too light or the wrong material (yikes).

Give yourself a break + keep it interesting.

Unless you are the type of person who thrives off of doing a thing every single day, and that’s what makes you happy, then I truly believe that giving yourself a day or two of rest during the week is so helpful for keeping your exercise from getting stale. Getting out and taking a walk is a nice alternative to something high-intensity, and going on a hike, especially now that the weather is warmer, keeps you active without doing the same workouts every single day.

Obviously there are so many other aspects of working out and fitness, but I think these few tips are a helpful start in thinking about being active even with all of the business and things we have to do. Leave your workout motivation tips below to help me, and each other, out!

Until next time. xx

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2 thoughts on “Workout Motivation Tips”

  1. Hi Sarah! If I am walking alone, I have to listen to music. However, my favorite way to walk or hike is with a close friend or two and have some good conversation/therapy girl time! xo

    1. Ah that’s a great one! I definitely find if I’m not feeling motivated, that having a friend come with really makes me more excited to work out! πŸ™‚

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