My Current Morning Routine

Hi, friends! I hope this day is treating you well! I want to welcome you back to the blog today for a breakdown of my morning routine, which I think will be fun. I don’t know about you, but I love to know people’s routines, and what they get up to when they have down time.

I started this routine a few months ago and it has been really, really great to start the day this way, and I definitely notice the difference, now, when I do the routine versus when I don’t make the time. I have always known that routines are important, and that I do well when I have one, but implementing this morning routine has been particularly helpful to me! I’ve never been a morning person (my family can tell you) but honestly, this has redeemed the mornings a little bit for me, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Be sure to let me know if you do anything similarly to me, or anything you think I should add in to my own routine!

My little coffee set-up


I do have an alarm clock, and I truly don’t know how people wake up to only a phone. I have mine as far away from me in my room as possible so that I have to get out of bed to turn it off. When the thing I want most in that moment is to go back to sleep, getting out of bed to switch off my alarm has been a game-changer.

My fave coffee + one of my many many mugs!

Coffee + Breakfast

I bet you’re not surprised! If you know me, you know I need my coffee, so once I put on a warm layer, I head out to the kitchen and switch on the water for my Seattle’s Best #5, get out my Mug of the Day, and start making my breakfast while the water is heating up. Usually I’ll go for something like oatmeal or a bagel – simple, quick, and easy. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll make a mocha, but mostly at home I just do black coffee or coffee with creamer.

I like it simple, so usually add brown sugar and banana or berries


I’m all about the overall mood, so music is very important to me. The perfect music for me in the morning (because I’m not quite ready for words to be spoken or sung at me) is piano music. Not only is it a comforting sound to me, but it feels cozy, quiet, and calm. I started out listening to an album called 30 Favorite Piano Hymns, but sometimes I switch it up with The Piano Guys, or movie scores.

Reading + Notes

When I have all the things – the ambience, the coffee, the food – I sit down at my dining room table and open my Bible and get out my notebook. This is, for sure, the most important part of the morning routine, because it absolutely sets the tone for the day. I’ve actually written a whole blog post on just this topic because of how much value it adds to my day, and how radically it can change your mood and mindset. I usually read one or two chapters a day, and then take notes as I go, just so I make sure that I’m processing what I’m reading. Often I will finish the time with prayer.

Then it’s time to get ready! I don’t take very long – ten minutes or so – and then I’m headed out the door. As you can see, I don’t worry about too many things in the morning, and I like to keep it pretty simple. This definitely works for me, but I’d also love to know what works for you!

Until next time. xx

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