Hello, friends! How are you all doing? I’m praying that you’re out there doing great things and having a beautiful February! Are you excited for the new month? I feel like everyone was on board for January coming to an end and getting a new month going – and here we are! Let’s be grateful for this time, whatever it holds, and embrace the opportunities we’re given!

I asked you guys if you had any questions for me – my first Q&A! I had a lot of fun thinking through and writing out the answers to these questions, so we might do this again sometime. 🙂 Let me know if this raises any questions of your own, and thank you for anyone who asked a q! Without further ado…

What tips would you give to someone who wants to get back into their faith?

Get in the Word. Assuming this is from a Christian perspective, there is pretty much nothing I would put above this tip. The Bible is God’s personal word to you individually. Even if it seems intimidating (I totally get that! There’s so much in there that’s deep and theological and historical) that shouldn’t stop us from connecting to God in this way, and there are so many resources to help us understand what it is saying (I’d be so happy to give you more info on this!) and I can promise you that submitting your will and thinking to God’s word will change the way you live.

Make your faith your own. This was advice I got a long time ago from a high school teacher of mine (the best) and in the following years I really started to understand what that meant. As we grow up and become adults with lives of our own we can’t rely on anyone else’s choices or beliefs. My parents’ faith is not my own; I have to make my own decisions about my faith and how that impacts every area of my life, and I can confidently say now that my faith is so personal to me, which means that nothing can affect it and nothing can take it away.

Don’t be afraid to take it seriously. Especially when it comes to decisions that aren’t the most popular in the world, it can be difficult to show how serious you are. It’s a good thing that Christ makes us bold, because in order to truly make your faith your own, you have to let go of any fear you might have of judgement or opinions (this is a thing you can work on).

Commit to small, specific actions. Huge changes are hard and difficult to make a part of your every day, so think of two or three things you want to do, how often you want to do them, and commit to them fully. Maybe it’s getting together with a spiritual mentor once a week, or reading one ‘Bible-centered’ book a month. Whatever it is, make sure the reasoning behind the goal is your growth, and that you have accountability so you can achieve it.

Find a community who will support you. I will testify until the end of time, the importance and impact of other Christ followers on my life. When I need encouragement, someone who shares my perspective on things is so valuable to me. When I need to run ideas or life things by someone, having a trusted friend give advice while coming from the same viewpoint speaks to my heart in such a profound way. Other believers with provide you with accountability, support, friendship, and all the encouragement you need to keep going when it’s hard.

Do you start from the beginning of the Bible or do you pick random chapters?

When I do my study time I read 1-2 chapters in a book of the New Testament, so I’ll start in Matthew and go through to Revelation, and then start back in Matthew when I’m done. Currently I’m in 1 Thessalonians, and I just finished Colossians. I also will read a Psalm here and there. When I’m reading in the NT I do more ‘study’ which includes reading all of the footnotes, and taking notes myself. And if I really want to dig deeper, I’ll listen to a John MacArthur sermon on those specific verses (usually I’ll do this on my drive to work). For the Psalms I don’t do as much of that; one, because there just aren’t as many notes on those verses, and two, because they just flow better if you read them straight through. For a next step I would like to add in reading a chapter or two in a book of the Old Testament at the same time (during the same study session) so that I’m in the Old and New Testaments, as well as the Psalms, all at once to have a more well-rounded study time.

Instagram feed or stories?

I actually really enjoy Instagram as a whole, and I’ve been growing to love stories more and more, especially because I’ve been expanding what I’m willing to do on stories! Since becoming open to talking on stories and showing my face, they have become so much more fun, and a brand new way to show who I am, what I care about, and to connect with the people who follow me.

What’s your advice for someone wanting to start a blog?

Start! That might sound cheesy or simple, but I think starting is the best way to jumpstart your motivation to work on this new project. Taking all the time to prepare content, photos, captions, etc. beforehand will take up so much time and effort, and putting what you create out into the world, at least for me, is actually what motivates me to keep creating, writing, and capturing moments.

I also think that, if you are able to, investing in a domain (one that you pay for as opposed to a free one) is the way to go. It gives you more freedom in terms of how you set up your site, and helps everything feel like the real deal! You can always trial it for a year, see your progress and consistency, and then reevaluate when the time comes.

And lastly! Don’t worry too much about a super-specific niche, but always, always write and post what you’re excited about. Don’t write what you think people want to read; share your enthusiasm and passion, what moves you, and make it reflect who you really are.

Annnd, that’s all folks! I hope that all made sense! Please always feel free to ask more questions, either related to these ones or not. I definitely had fun answering, and hopefully this gave you some insight into these topics!

I’ll see you again next time! xx

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