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5 Books That Have Impacted My Faith

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Reading has always been special to me, and I think that books have a unique way of speaking to us. They also give us a chance to sit with an idea for longer, go back and re-read, and spend more time with some of our favorite characters or authors. So, today I wanted to talk through some of the books that have helped me understand more about what I believe, convicted me of certain things, and expanded my faith in God!

1. The Holiness of God by RC Sproul

RC Sproul was an amazing preacher and teacher, so if you aren’t acquainted with him, you should be! In this book, he talks about what holiness means, how God is holy, and our response to His holiness and what that means for us as Christians. It is so interesting, convicting, and really puts into perspective what being “holy” is all about. I think the biggest takeaway from this read is how high and, well, holy, God is, and you’ll walk away being so grateful that God has chosen you as one of His own. “God alone is holy in Himself. Only God can sanctify something else. Only God can give the touch that changes it from the commonplace to something special, different, apart.” (pg. 39)

2. A Gospel Primer for Christians by Milton Vincent

This one is probably a little less well-known, but I’d say it is just as essential. It might be called a primer, but its simplicity doesn’t take away from the power of its message; in fact, that’s kind of the point. It breaks down the gospel step by step, and talks about the importance of reminding yourself of the gospel daily, because that good news is the foundation for the entire Christian life. We need to remind ourselves of the gospel daily, because it changes our perspective and renews our mind and heart, and makes us more like Jesus. This is a super quick read, but one that will stay with you for much longer.

3. Grieving, Hope, and Solace: When A Loved One Died in Christ by Albert N. Martin

I’ve referenced this book before, in a blog post about grief, but that’s also why it deserves a mention here. I read this about a year after my mom died, and it is a perfect read for someone who has lost a loved one. It comes from a place of love and understanding, and it gives a beautiful and truthful perspective on what happens to a child of God who dies. It constantly directed my thoughts to heaven, and was a true comfort to read.

4. Taking God At His Word by Kevin DeYoung

The subtitle of this book is, “Why the Bible is knowable, necessary, and enough, and what that means for you and me” and that’s a pretty good summary for what this book will teach you. I believe the Bible is absolutely essential, and this book explains why that is. It also talks about why and how you can truly know what the Bible is saying, and that Scripture should really be the final word on any issues we face as Christians in this world. Highly recommend if you want to have more confidence in the Word of God!

5. One Perfect Life by John MacArthur

So technically the author of this…is God. Hehe. So basically, in this book, John MacArthur has blended together, “the biblical material of the Lord Jesus Christ into a single continuous narrative that will help you better understand Scripture and grow stronger in the faith.” It is actually very powerful to read the story and events of the life of Jesus straight through, and since Jesus is our ultimate example, we want to know all that the Word has to say about Him, and this gives us a fresh way to interact with it. It includes footnotes and Old Testament passages that refer to Jesus, as well, so it provides so much insight into Jesus’ life and how the Scriptures point to him.

I’ve linked all the books if you’re interested in checking any of them out! They’re all pretty affordable, and most importantly, they will strengthen your faith in our precious Lord.

Thank you so much for reading! I love you all!

Until next time. xx

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